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Friday, August 5, 2011

Nuffield Scholarship 2011 - Stage 2

Hi All,

Here I am again.  Another stage in our journey of life and stage 2 of my Nuffield Scholarship.
After being away from our boys for our first trip abroad we have decided to bring our two little boys with us for this leg. 

On Tuesday Sarah, Braxton, Lawson, Luke, Krystal and myself departed Alice Springs bound for Sydney. 

We left Sydney Wednesday at 1.20pm and arrived in Dallas, Texas at around 3.00pm on Wednesday - no time lost at all.  Not a bad idea to all of you who want that special event to drag out that bit longer.  We will spend 4 days in Dallas organising a vehicle and various other equipment that we will need for our stint in the USA. 

We are going from one extreme to another, weather wise.  In Alice Springs we have been averaging a max temp of 20.5 degrees and we were greeted by an average of 40 in Dallas.  Very, very hot!! 

From Dallas we plan to travel to Oklahoma, where hopefully the weather will be a little kinder to us.

Cheers, Rob

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