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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here's to the Eagles in My Life!!

Hey All,

I know thank you's can get a little long winded at times but there is one more I need to make before I finish this chapter of my journey.

My entire family have been a powerhouse of support towards Sarah and I but I have to mention their involvement towards this outback challenge which is nothing short of amazing!!

Tiani for orchestrating the half way dinner.

Sonia for managing the media throughout this journey.

Loretta for her efforts in physically helping me.

Leza for designing my logo.

My brothers and their familes, for always being there.

Mum and Dad, for living up to their title – the best parents in the world.

My brother-in-law Joel for managing the trust account.

My beautiful wife Sarah and our two sons Braxton and Lawson who give me more than one reason to keep getting up each day.

My entire extended family whose support, e-mail, phone calls and help have undoubtedly given me a new lease on life.

But the biggest involvement that has made this whole experience the success that it is comes from my second eldest sister Lilly.

Lil has been involved in every aspect of this challenge since it began. She had single-handedly managed the website and the endless hours of e-mailing , phone calls, facebooking and blogging for the past six months is just absolutely overwhelming and I'm completely honoured to have a sister that can give so much, and want nothing in return.  I live by the expression – how does one saw like an eagle when he's surrounded by turkey's?Well Lil the proof is in the pudding. I know thank you is just thank you but when it's from the whole heart it carries extra value with it.

So thank you everybody and remember you've added light to some very dark days.
Keep in touch because this is only the start.
Cheers Rob Cook,

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  1. Yes, well done team. I most certainly am aware that behind every good man is a good wife and a whole bunch of mates willing and eager to pitch in and have a go. A mighty effort from all of you. Steve signing off.