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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dodge City & Lorraine, Kansas, USA

Hey All,

We couldn't tour Kansas and not visit Dodge city, which is home to some of the biggest processing and packing plants not to mention feedlots.
From Pratt to Dodge City
But just as famously, it's where the legend of Wyatt Earp began.
Here we are with the Wyatt Earp statue in the centre of town.
Dodge City, processing and packing plant.
Let us not forget Dodge City's "Miss Kitty and the Dancing Saloon Girls"
Our next stop was an extremely exciting visit for myself. We travel to Lorraine where owner and manager John Mollhagon showed us throughout one of the many Molly Manufacturing factories.
From Dodge City to Lorraine
Priced around $50,000 you get the world-famous Turret gate, race and crush which is all hydraulic and operated by remote control.  The speed and accuracy is extremely fast and efficient.  The hydraulic crush is extremely well built, the thinnest material used is 6 mm wall RHS.  This factory can produce on average 3 crushes a day.
A demo configuration John put together for my benefit.
Manufacturing of a Hydraulic Crush
Stockpile of Hydraulic Crushes
Computerised Bandsaw
Spot Welding Robot. (I was speechless)
The Production Line
John Mollhagon and Myself
Thankyou for a tour I won't forget John!!

Cheers All,

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