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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hey Again,

Well it is the first day of winter and ol' mother nature sure is letting us know it. She has been giving us mornings and nights of zero degrees.  Although with the challenges comes the gifts.  Up until now we have been 'walking' with a head wind and today we saw a change as it swung around and is now coming from the north east.  The native grapevine has been working over time and the animals are out and about.  Today we had a Dingo hell bent on stalking us or maybe he just came to check out these 2 crazy white men 'walking' the Tanami.
 "Our stalker"
Tonight we are camping about 117km South East of the Granites Gold Mine.  We have been pushing ourselves and taking less breaks.  We would be doing more kms in a day except at this stage our biggest challenge is still re-charging the batteries.  The generator is struggling so we are now averaging 1.5 to 2 hours per battery instead of the original 2 to 2.5hrs.
"Not long now before we reach our halfway point"
I spoke about how cold the days and nights can get out here.  Well one morning Sare heard some strange noises and splashing of water.  With water being such a precious commodity, she went to investigate.  As she came around the corner there was Luke crouched over a tiny bucket of water bird bathing himself.  You may say "yeah - so?"  But let me tell you, Luke now knows how the Alaskins feel in the middle of winter. (He played with the idea of getting an egg beater and churning up the water - thought it might just heat it up...)
"All rugged up on a cold winters morning"
Lukes blisters are recovering, thanks to his Alice Springs sponsors 'Sport Scene' and 'Heart and Sole" who supplied him with footwea for the trip.  Luke has trotted out up to 80km in the last 2 days, extraordinary effiort mate - you rock!
 "Luke doing a quick jogger change"
Well here's to another 40km tomorrow, thanks for joining us in this journey.

Cheers Rob


  1. Well done Rob, despite the corrugations and cold and Luke despite the blisters. 40 kms is an awesome effort. You've inspired me to take my off-roader out again. I did about 10kms today on a gravel road and had another skid into a gutter (my wife dragged the w/chair out). Once again you guys (including your support team) are an inspiration. Steve

  2. Congratulations on your amazing trip so far. Wishing you all the best for the days ahead. Hopefully the weather stays fine. Kim and Stephen Hart-Isaac's parents.

  3. Hi, this is Nathan O'Connell and Cam Smith, we are service users of Northcott Disabilty Services in Ballina NSW. We also use electric wheelchairs and we think what you are doing is really amazing and inspirational.

    We wish you all a safe journey

    Thankyou from Nathan and Cam

    P.S If you ever are near Ballina feel free to drop by