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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank You Jake and Loretta!

Friday the 3rd of June  was the last day for my sister Loretta and her partner (and mate) Jake as my carers.

Lorette & Jake gave up 12 months of their life so that I could have a memorable and fullfilling 12 months of my life.  We travelled and fished the roads and waters throughout the top end of QLD, globetrotted for 7 weeks around the world and tackled 400km of the Tanami Track.  And even though it may sound like a holiday the days were long, they would have to wake at 4.30am each morning to get me ready for my many appointments and knock off at 10:00pm and sometimes later at night.  The life of a carer is one of dedication and patience.

And from the bottom of our hearts, Lorette and Jake we thankyou very much for your dedication and patience and what you have done for us and one day we will return the favour.  See you in Alice for a drink.

Love Rob, Sare, Bracko and Law Law

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