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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello again from the Tanami  Track!

After saying our goodbyes to the Tanami Mine Crew - a massive thank you to all involved at the mine for making us feel welcome!! 
Luke Bevan, Bill makar, Shane Harte, John the medic, Jeff the miner and
Jackie handing over donations raised by the Tanami Crew.

Day 5 arrived and we were greeted by a typical Tanami day.  The sun came up and the temperature went down. 
We passed the turnoff to one of Suplejacks neighbouring properties, Tanami Downs, came across an old car wreck and Luke and I decided to try our hand at this new craze going around called planking. 

Luke and I "planking" - tanami style! and the Tanami Downs Stn Turnoff.
My sons Braxton and Lawson took a break from studies to join me on a leg of the "walk".  This trip has been an amazing experience for our boys, one which we hope they will remember for many years to come.

My Boys Braxton and Lawson hitching a ride.
The kilometres are slowly getting chewed up and the numbers on the signs are getting smaller.
Catch you tomorrow,



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  1. Well done Rob you are an inspiration to so many good luck to you and your family.