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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hey All,

Spent the last two nights at the Tanami Mine. We had a great time cheering the Queenslanders to victory on our first night. Go the Mighty Maroons! We were greeted at the site wet mess with an esky full of cold drinks and plenty of chocolates and treats for my boys, Bracko and Lawson.

The road is very corrugated and throws me around a bit, but we stop re seat me and then continue on our way. We are going through 3 wheelchair batteries a day. As soon as I wear one out, it goes onto the charger and I start burning out the next one.
One of my biggest Supporters!!
I "walked" 27.5km today and reached a point halfway between the Tanami Mine and Rabbit Flat - give or take a few kilometres.
The Tanami region has had one of the best seasons in a decade and the countryside has come to life.
The days are getting pretty cold out here now. An extrememly cold southerly was present all day and a constant head wind made things pretty challenging.
Taking on the Tanami!
Tonight, we enjoyed a great evening with tanami veteran, Bill Makar and New Site Manager Shane Haart.  A big thankyou to the Tanami crew for their hospitality and for making us feel welcome.  Also a big thank you to all of my challenge followers, I greatly appreciate all your support and well wishes,

Cheers Rob
My Support Crew

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  1. Well done Rob and crew. I also have an off-road w/chair. I've got a fair idea what a corrugated track does to frail bodies. Both the discomfort of being "shaken but not stirred" and constantly having to re-position self.
    Go Rob and team >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>