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Monday, May 23, 2011


Hey all!  Well it is finally here the first day of my 24 day Tanami Desert Challenge!

The morning at Suplejack Downs station started with lots of joking and laughter at the breakfast table, but as we left the homestead and went through our first gate, the realisation of what is ahead and the huge challenge we are undertaking hit us.
My partner in crime and the man who will be tackling the Tanami with me (my mate Luke Bevan), look at the road ahead of us and the exitement we are feeling is now mixed with just a touch of nerves.

After the first 1.5km we reach the "white gate" taking us from the homestead surrounds to the Wireless Hill paddock and this is where the serious "walking began".  Luke and I were accompanied by Norma Nitfin and Dave & Liz Brownhill with my sister Loretta bringing up the rear in the support vehicle.
Day one of our walk saw us nearly to the Suplejack Boundary along the Lajamanu track.  Today we tackled 27km and knowing that the hardest step of any journey is the first one, we feel we will now settle into a comfortable rythm.
And how better to finish up the first day of my journey?  Well I will leave those words up to one of my walking partners Liz:  "...to be walking 5 abreast on a red dirt road, with the sun setting and the stars coming out as the sky gets darker and darker, was purely magical and a truly humbling experience..."
A huge thank you to  Luke, Norma, Liz, Dave and Loretta for keeping me company today.

Catch you all tomorrow,


  1. I'm also in a power wheelchair from MS not from such daring exploits as yours. Make us proud Rob and team. Take care Steve Walton Tasmania

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