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Friday, April 8, 2011

Canada - Looking Towards the Future in Renewable Energy Resources

Hey All,

We landed in Toronto at midnight local time and first thing to greet us was an extreme weather front with freezing temperatures. 

We visited the Ontario's province in the most southern district of Canada. After a three hour drive from Toronto we caught up with with Carolyn and Rick Fuerth on their family farm in Woodslee as Carolyn was busy putting together a South Canadian lunch Rick walked us through the operations of their farm.  They predominately farmed their property for stock feed and also house up to 400 ewes in a custom barn all year round.
The lambs are pulled off and slaughtered through their own abattoir; where they market and sell their own meat . After discussing the ability to value add your business and target niche markets we hit the road again. 

It was interesting to view one of the many bio digester plants; creating renewable energy,
an ethanol plant and a waste crude oil plant creating bio diesel along with the numerous and sometimes heavily populated wind turbine farms, it's easy to say Canada is looking towards the future in renewable energy resources.

As we were in the heartland of the Hinze tomato company it only made sense to visit some of the glasshouse hydroponic tomato growing operations where the glasshouse is heated to maximise the growing season.

We also had a run in with some of the native bumblebees that are housed in a temporary box, 300 bees strong and replaced every nine weeks used for pollination.

The small cattle farms we visited, mainly ran British bred cattle, the average stocking rate for the southern tip of Canada is a beast to every 2 acres in conjunction with the rotational cropping operation.

We enjoyed some advancing technologies at the Guelph University including the space centre which is working towards creating a sustainable food production on the planet Mars.

Our Canadian visit finished with a stopover at Niagara Falls. Absolutely amazing - wet and ice everywhere we were in a hotel 16 floors up overlooking the falls we could hear it rumbling as we went to sleep.  

Next stop Washington.
Cheers, Rob

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