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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hola y Adiós de México! - Hello and Goodbye from Mexico!

Arrived in Mexico today after 9 hrs on a midnight flight. Had a tour of the historical sights and buildings. The cathedral was stunning, the best I have ever seen.  It is the second one built there, as an earth quake destroyed the first.  It has been built out of the original pyramids which you can see behind. An early night although we have lost another 3 hrs. So are about a day behind now.

We have spent time in Mexico City and visited CIMMYT, a research station which focuses on wheat, maize and cropping systems. (photo above).  CIMMYT is a 78 hectare site at El Batan, 45 kilometers northeast of Mexico City and is situated 7,250 ft above sea level.  After this it was onto the Pyramids of Teotihuacan.  After a very early start we caught a flight to Obregon to visit AOASS, a representative body for grain farmers in the Senora area.  It has 7 members/union groups that form this not for profit organisation and over 40% of farmers use their services and sell grain to them.  We then visited with the Irrigation Group who act as the middle man between irrigators and the government. 
Yesterday saw us at the Obregon CIMMYT research station.  The trial plots can mimic most environments and conditions which allows CIMMYT to provide farmers with advise on the best practices.  The state of Senora is completely reliant on irrigation which pushes environmental issues to the top of their priority list.  We look forward to taking in the country side on our drive to Hermosillo before we depart Mexico.

Adiós mis amigos, catch you in California!!!

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