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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cumprimento o meu amigos from Brazil

Hey All,

We flew out of New Zealand on Sunday the 13th and arrived in Sao Paulo via Santiago that same evening.  On the Monday we were lucky enough to get a tour of Sao Paulo, which is the power house hub of Brazil - boasting a whopping 21 million people!!!  It features some of Brazils richest residences but the shanty villiages are still grossly populated and predominent thoughout much of the city.
The view seen above surrounds us 360 degrees as far as the eye can see.  Tuesday featured a visit with Brazilian Agriculture Ministry, Lawyer Wilfrido Augusto Marques.  He is also a large land owner over here in farming crop, cattle and sheep, who also shows a major interest in genetics from NZ and Australia in both sheep and cattle.  Below is a photo of the 2011 scholars and Wilfrido Augusto Marques.
Tuesday evening we visited the Australian Embassy and had dinner with the Ambassador Brett Hackett.  It was great to be amongst some Aussies!!!
Over the next 6 days we will continue to travel Brazil - I'll keep you updated.

Catch you all later, Rob.

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